Making Boring Problems Exciting Again

Where should entrepreneurs and technologists apply their efforts? Venture capitalists urge investment in new technologies that serve new markets, but Kipp Bradford, CTO of Treau, argues that some of the richest opportunities, in terms of both commercial and social impact, are in applying new technologies to improve on core products in existing markets.
Kipp Bradford
My sweet spot has become existing markets with new technologies. This isn't necessarily innovating purely on the technology side, but really trying to understand where processes and materials can disrupt existing industries, can disrupt existing markets where I can bring new products into these spaces that have features and benefits that have never been seen before.

Kipp Bradford is an engineering researcher working at the boundaries of emerging technology and industries. Most recently, he was a senior Research Scientist at the MIT Media Lab, hired as a result of the “Professor of Other” faculty search for an interdisciplinary scientist. His research merges biology, ecology, and thermodynamics to develop new ways to manage climates at every scale—from personal thermal comfort up to global weather systems.


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