Generative Design & Hybrid Manufacture

Product creators need to contend with enormous changes in scale, scope, and the nature of work. Generative design promises a solution, says Autodesk's Vikram Vedantham: it blurs the line between design and manufacturing—"between top floor and shop floor"—and makes the entire product development process more responsive, more efficient, and more flexible.
Vikram Vedantham
Senior Manager, Fusion 360 Business Strategy

Vik Vedantham is a Senior Manager in Business Strategy and Marketing at Autodesk, responsible for directing the business and go-to-market strategy for various design and manufacturing solutions in Autodesk’s Fusion 360 platform. Vik brings over 18 years of experience in design & manufacturing technology space, driving product vision and strategy, and managing sales, services and consulting teams. Throughout his career, he has helped numerous customers innovate faster and gain a competitive advantage by guiding their adoption of cutting-edge and disruptive design, simulation and advanced manufacturing technologies for product development.


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