Carl Bass Explores the Future of Deep Tech Startups

Former CEO of Autodesk, Carl Bass, talks about his experience with deep tech and hard tech startups. He discusses why some win and some fail, and lays out his observations for the future.

Carl Bass is the former CEO of Autodesk, and now serves as the lead director of Zendesk and on the boards of Planet and Velo3DBass is a frequent early investor and board member of multiple hardware and software companies from start-up to scale, including Formlabs, Arris Composites, Built Robotics, Dyndrite, nTopology, Oqton, Phylagen, Planet Labs, and Zoox.

He also serves on the board of trustees of the California College of the Arts and on the advisory boards of Cornell Computing and Information Science and UC Berkeley College of Engineering.

When not mentoring the next generation of manufacturing companies, Bass can be found in his Berkley workshop making everything from robots to boats, furniture, and electric cars.

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