Building the Global Manufacturing Marketplace

Just as Uber and Lyft simplified the problem of hiring drivers to go from place to place, manufacturing marketplaces promise to simplify the process of getting things made by standardizing pricing and reducing risk. Brian Garret, the Chief Product Officer of 3D Hubs, explains that the introduction of artificial intelligence will bring about even more efficiency and speed.
Brian Garret
3D Hubs
We're big believers in marketplaces, because marketplaces tend to remove a lot of friction and complexity from industries.

Brian Garret is the co-founder and Chief Product of 3D Hubs, the leading global platform for manufacturing. By using software to automate the manufacturing process and route orders to manufacturing partners, customers always get the best price in the market. Founded in 2013, 3D Hubs produced 2,500,000+ parts, has raised over $30M in funding and is used by 20% of Fortune-100 companies. Brian has been involved in online 3D Printing since 2003. He graduated from Eindhoven University of Technology on mass-customization through additive manufacturing in 2009. From 2009 to 2013 he worked at 3D printing startup FOC, the first company to commercialise 3D printed products. FOC was later acquired by 3D Systems as its products entered Apple stores and high-end retailers.


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