3D Printing from Desktop to Factory

When computing moved from expensive mainframes to inexpensive, accessible PCs, applications for computing exploded. 3D printing stands at a similar moment, says Formlabs co-founder and CEO Max Lobovsky in his Digital Factory keynote. Large industrial 3D printers have been available for decades, but the more recent introduction of low-cost, easy-to-use desktop 3D printers is making the technology accessible, driving an expansion of new applications and supporting innovation in both low-volume prototyping and high-volume production.
Max Lobovsky
Demonstrating some powerful new technology is awesome, and it's a first step, but it doesn't matter until people can get access to that technology.

Max Lobovsky is co-founder and CEO of Formlabs, leading efforts to build the world’s largest professional desktop 3D printing company. Formlabs pioneered the new category of professional desktop 3D printing in 2012 when it launched the world’s first affordable, powerful desktop stereolithography 3D printer. Today Formlabs sets the benchmark in professional desktop 3D printing as the industry leader in designing and manufacturing powerful and accessible 3D printing systems. Prior to starting Formlabs, Lobovsky led the efforts at Fab@Home, one of the industry’s earliest open-source 3D printing projects which has been instrumental to setting up labs in schools worldwide. A Forbes’ 30 Under 30 recipient, Lobovsky holds a B.S. in Applied Engineering and Physics from Cornell University and a M.S. in Media Arts and Sciences from MIT.


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