The Evolution of the Manufacturing Sector

A look into the evolution of the manufacturing sector and possible trends for the future
Glen Mello
Silicon Valley Bank

Glen Mello, Managing Director of SVB's technology accelerator team, takes a look at the evolution of manufacturing technology and emerging trends in this deck. Read through the presentation below, or download it as a pdf here.

  1. The advanced manufacturing industry today: the numbers behind the industry
  2. What's driving advanced manufacturing? Why companies are willing to adopt
  3. The role of 3D printing in advanced manufacturing: 3D printing will be a key part of the production process
  4. Corporate participants: The importance of corporations to the ecosystem
  5. Boston on the world stage: Greater Boston is a major player in the global advanced manufacturing industry
  6. The path to prosperity: The current exit environment
  7. The future of 3D printer companies: What path will 3D printer companies follow?
  8. Vertical integration: Will every company eventually backward-integrate into manufacturing?

Read the Digital Factory Report

The future of manufacturing is digital. We explore the technologies that are transforming fabrication, from advanced 3D printing to AI-assisted design, and get to know the leaders who are bringing them to the factory floor.

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